Friday, November 30, 2012

Find us at the Winter Bike Expo Dec. 8th!

Sorry to stay away so long... I've just been a busy lil beaver getting ready for the Winter Bike Expo!  The fun and excitement starts at 9:00 am and I'll be there with fun Quiet Girl jewelry for your fave biker.  Here's a lil sampling...  

Even better... is the debut of something CRAZY AWESOME....Girl Fiend Designs, made up of myself and my favorite artist Teri Harriet, will be launching our first designs of women's tshirts!  Come check 'em out and be the first to get your hands on the handmade shirts.

More to come soon...

Livin' the dream, 
Kristy Kreme

Sunday, October 3, 2010

New necklaces for fall!

So, after a very busy summer, I have finally been able to create some fun new pendant necklaces PLUS take photos and update my blog. Yikes! There was a point that I didn't know when it would happen.. ;o)

These are some of my absolute faves - 3/4" & 1" square glass pendant necklaces. Each are attached with a silver bail and come on a silver ball chain. The backing is a resin that hardens like glass and is virtually water proof (I haven't yet soaked them for days on end, but I know you can jump in the pool with no worries!). Each piece is hand made and unique. $20 at Hollywood Cycles in Bloomington.

***FOR CHRISTMAS: Want to make a custom necklace for a loved one for the holidays? I will be doing custom necklaces in the next two months. Orders must be placed and paid in full ($25 each ) by Nov. 15th to be completed by Dec. 15th. Email me at for more details.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Glass Tile Pendants

Perfect for summer is a fun assortment of glass tile pendants. Currently ready and available at Hollywood Cycles are some fun bike images.

Each pendant is a 1"x1" glass tile with silver plated bail and hangs on a silver ball chain. $20


Fly your 'Freak Flag'

New BraceNip Colors for Summer!

What better way to show your bike love this summer with some vibrant new BraceNips?! Each bracelet is made of alloy spoke nipples and stretchy bead cord. $15

Sunday, May 9, 2010

By Special Request

To support my fave band, Surly Jones... I couldn't help myself! These beauties are made from pics I nabbed at the show - laden with blood, sweat, and Rock n Roll!

Surly 'Lobes' are here to stay! Contact me directly for orders - these are not sold at Hollywood Cycles.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Airheads for April

Fresh and colorful, the new Airheads are here! $10 per pair (surgical steel earwires)

India Glass Beads & air valve nuts

This lil pair is adorned with iridescent beads for a low-profile yet eye-catching earring.

New EarNips!

Available April 20th at Hollywood Cycles, here are the newest EarNips! India glass beads paired with spoke nipples for a little twist on beading. $10 per pair.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One speed, one love

Single speeds have a home in my heart. This image is a single speed freewheel. The metal frame is 1 inch x 1 inch, and sealed with resin epoxy so it's quite water proof. Each pendant comes with an 18" steel ball chain. $20 each (colors are a little more hot-pink and retro-yellow than shown)

Mixed Art Necklaces

One of my favorite pieces, and inspired by one of my cycling teammates... "Don't Drink and Dial" first appeared as a ring I made for myself. Through many requests, I've now made it into a pendant.

The pendant comes on an 18" steel ball chain w/ silver plated bail. Each is sealed with a resin epoxy, so can withstand most, if not all, instances with water (just wouldn't recommend submerging for long periods of time just in case). 1 inch tall x 3/4 inches wide. $20


Just can't help yourself? Gotta show off your nips? Check out these EarNips!

Made from spoke nipples and glass beads (one set w/ Swarovski crystals), these dangling earrings are cycling and fun in one.

(light green Swarovski crystals)

$9.95 per pair w/ glass beads, $15 for green w/ Swarovski crystals (actual sets available shown above)